Monthly Archive: November 2011

I get the message in spec “Too many open files” What does it mean?

To write data to a file the unix system needs to open the file first. Once you have finished writing to that file unix will close it. In spec, as in unix, files will be opened the first time they are used and kept opened until a close instruction is executed. Nevertheless spec will control …

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Is there a maximum number of points for a scan?

The data acquired during a scan are stored in the SCAN_D array.  You can see the available space with the command whats: 10.SPEC> whats SCAN_D A global double 4096-row 5-column row-wise array. There are as many columns as counters are defined in spec plus one extra column to store the position of the motor being …

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Support for Radicon detector


Radicon SCSD-3C X-ray scintillation detector with integrated timer/counter support is included from this release. See the radicon help file for details.